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My first call!


Ok. Now that I got that out, lets talk about how my very first call went!

My caller was actually very nice. we talked about his fetish. SCAT.

Yuuup. It was the call  I was dreading. I had no idea how to go about that call type. Luckily my caller took the lead and gave me some hints of what to say to get him going.

After he finished, he commented how hot it was and how he would leave me a great review since I did well.

Phew! What a relief!

I have taken a few more calls, most hung up right after getting off. Yay! it means I did my job right, right? Right.

It pretty much ran the gamut. One guy was mentioned he was a neighbor and liked to peep on me. Weirdly, I was kinda into it.

I have a hard time hearing some of my callers so that isn’t fun. I definitely need to figure out if its them being quiet or my phone.

All in all, this is SO MUCH FUN! My favorite caller had to have been my dirty scat guy Mr. Number 2 (Yes I know, I am terribly clever.). Our phone connection was clear, it was fun if outside my comfort zone, and he was so nice!

Wish me luck on my next round of calls

xoxo- Olivia

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