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PSO Bullet Journal

I discovered Bullet Journaling a few months ago and it changed my life. If you have never heard of a Bullet Journal check out for the basics and check out for an idea of just how far you can go with this system.

I have experimented a lot with my spreads and trying to find that sweet spot of beauty and efficiency. I decided to share with you my dedicated Business Bujo today as I think I may have found that sweet spot.

  1. Vision and Mission


I found that I don’t need indexing and keys in my business journal, so I skip those and jump right into my spreads.

Pg 1 is my company/brand Vision, Mission and Core Values.

The Vision is a big picture of what you want to achieve.

The Mission is a general statement of how you will achieve your vision.

Core Values are how you will behave during the process.

I decided to put this spread right next to my modified “year at a glance” spread so that I have a constant reminder of what I am working towards.

2. Year at a Glance. Sort of.


Typically a year at a glance is another calendar/future log. I wanted something I could track my progress throughout the year in one spot. I played with a few different layouts before I came up with this. I am really pleased with the turnout, and I think it will be perfect for comparing my month to month.

3. Braindumps/Brainstorm ideas


These are places I can quickly jot down ideas for photoshoots and blogs. I will write the idea on a sticky note, so once its used I can toss and reuse the the space for the next idea. plus I needed an excuse to use these adorable sticky pads.

4. Monthly Log


Typically these will have a calender with dates of actives. Now this is my Business Bujo, but I also have a personal Bujo. It made more sense to have the calendar and appointments and deadlines all in my personal Bujo to avoid double scheduling.

So I have a habit tracker specifically for the habits concerning my business. I added a workout habit tracker here to remind myself that my body is also my job if I am serious about expanding into webcam shows.

Also as you can see, an event list. Here I will jot down holidays, political events and changes to my business. Anything that I think might affect my business. That way if let’s say I do horribly in October, but July was my best month, I can flip to July to see what was going on and if I can implement any of those things to bounce back in November.

This will most likely change, but I think its a great start.

The next page will be a running to-do list of things specifically for the business. I tried incorporating my business to-do with personal to-do, and it wasn’t effective.

Anyways, that’s pretty much what I have so far. I will keep updating you with changes, and also talk about my other tracking methods, and possibly even share some downloads for the aspiring phone sex operator.


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Matron Mama Morton….

I advertise myself as a submissive, none of my ads even hint at a dominate personality, and yet I get frequent calls from subs looking to be dominated!

They always push me out of my comfort zone and I feel like I am totally blind. I just had an email where a potential client asked if I would pimp him out.

I said, “I take care of my chickadees. If you’re good to Mama, Mama will be good to you.”

Yes, I quoted Chicago and channeled Queen Latifah. I have NO REGRETS!!

Probably that person won’t call me as he was looking for a MEAN domme. Really there is no better way to put it. Some men just want to have women be MEAN and verbally abuse them. If I stretch I can maybe do a sensual domme. Which is a nicer, coaxing dominate, that makes you WANT to please her instead FORCING you to please her.

And so I need to work on developing my Mean Domme side and building my portfolio of talent so that I can cater to a wider range of tastes.

Let’s be real, I am trying to build an empire here.

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Write Home About It…

Well, two weeks in and I can say that this Phone Sex thing is going wonderfully. I feel freer and more secure than I ever have been. It’s also incredibly satisfying to do a great job and provide excellent customer service. It’s different than working for someone else. Every interaction I am promoting MY brand instead of someone else’s, and I think that may be the key difference.

But HOLY SH!T is it hard work. I am definitely more of a submissive and advertise myself as such. I am seeing a trend with the resulting Domme callers. They all want a dissertation about the call emailed to them afterward.

They want me to keep reliving the call, off the call and then describe in exquisite detail how I felt reliving the call. And then will continue to email me, asking me to keep reliving the ONE call.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the call, I did. I have also gotten quite a bit of inspiration from them as well. But let us get real for a moment, I am building my own business here. There is so much to learn and do, I am lucky to find time to wash my hair let alone have the time to write “15 orgasms in 15 mintues and their history” a 600 pg essay.

Ok, maybe that last bit was a stretch, but that is how it feels sometimes.

So I am faced with a dilemma. Do I give them these masturbatory emails for free, continuing the fantasy and enticing them to keep calling me. Or do I charge them to view these emails, breaking the fantasy, maybe losing their calls but at least getting paid for the extra work.

Yeah, I suppose the free emails are like samples. I think it might be better to maintain the fantasy. *Unless* they try to take advantage of that and stop calling, then they can start paying for an email. That is fair, right?

It’s a lot of pressure to make these decisions. If I choose wrong, I destroy my life. If I choose right… well the possibilities are endless.

Excuse me, I need to go wash my hair now.

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Week 1

So technically I have been available to take calls for one full week. But I just learned how to strategically place my ads so people can actually see that I am taking calls this past Monday…..

I currently advertise as brand new, can I still be brand new after a week? Is it safe to bump my rates? One thing that is guaranteed in this job is a lot of uncertainty.

Uncertainty is a good and bad thing. It is good because it is causing me to slow down and evaluate, to pause and check in. Which, truthfully is not something I have much experience doing which has caused lots of trouble.

The bad is obvious. STRESS!!! Luckily I spoke to a lovely sensual domme  ( a really nice considerate domme, that is dominate but in an almost sweet way.), he requested that I treat him to a picture of my feet. I asked if I could give myself a pedicure tonight and send them tomorrow and he agreed.

So I am making work, work for me. I get to treat myself to a relaxing pedicure while also fulfilling a fantasy for a caller. Win-Win.

There is still a lot of uncertainty in my future. I mean is this sustainable? Can I not only survive but also thrive with a job, that I quite frankly love?

One step at a time, right?