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Write Home About It…

Well, two weeks in and I can say that this Phone Sex thing is going wonderfully. I feel freer and more secure than I ever have been. It’s also incredibly satisfying to do a great job and provide excellent customer service. It’s different than working for someone else. Every interaction I am promoting MY brand instead of someone else’s, and I think that may be the key difference.

But HOLY SH!T is it hard work. I am definitely more of a submissive and advertise myself as such. I am seeing a trend with the resulting Domme callers. They all want a dissertation about the call emailed to them afterward.

They want me to keep reliving the call, off the call and then describe in exquisite detail how I felt reliving the call. And then will continue to email me, asking me to keep reliving the ONE call.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the call, I did. I have also gotten quite a bit of inspiration from them as well. But let us get real for a moment, I am building my own business here. There is so much to learn and do, I am lucky to find time to wash my hair let alone have the time to write “15 orgasms in 15 mintues and their history” a 600 pg essay.

Ok, maybe that last bit was a stretch, but that is how it feels sometimes.

So I am faced with a dilemma. Do I give them these masturbatory emails for free, continuing the fantasy and enticing them to keep calling me. Or do I charge them to view these emails, breaking the fantasy, maybe losing their calls but at least getting paid for the extra work.

Yeah, I suppose the free emails are like samples. I think it might be better to maintain the fantasy. *Unless* they try to take advantage of that and stop calling, then they can start paying for an email. That is fair, right?

It’s a lot of pressure to make these decisions. If I choose wrong, I destroy my life. If I choose right… well the possibilities are endless.

Excuse me, I need to go wash my hair now.

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