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Matron Mama Morton….

I advertise myself as a submissive, none of my ads even hint at a dominate personality, and yet I get frequent calls from subs looking to be dominated!

They always push me out of my comfort zone and I feel like I am totally blind. I just had an email where a potential client asked if I would pimp him out.

I said, “I take care of my chickadees. If you’re good to Mama, Mama will be good to you.”

Yes, I quoted Chicago and channeled Queen Latifah. I have NO REGRETS!!

Probably that person won’t call me as he was looking for a MEAN domme. Really there is no better way to put it. Some men just want to have women be MEAN and verbally abuse them. If I stretch I can maybe do a sensual domme. Which is a nicer, coaxing dominate, that makes you WANT to please her instead FORCING you to please her.

And so I need to work on developing my Mean Domme side and building my portfolio of talent so that I can cater to a wider range of tastes.

Let’s be real, I am trying to build an empire here.

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