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Lightning Round

On Niteflirt there are the forums where flirts can post questions and tips about anything and everything and fellow flirts can answer. It has proven to be an invaluable resource in my development as a PSO.

I was perusing the forum and stumbled across an amazing post with the idea that all flirts create a Q and A game or goody using the same questions and hashtags. Now plenty of girls already had a Q and A, but I love how taking it to this level makes cross-promoting easier and searched simpler.

Many girls contributed questions and ideas on how best to package and release their responses. I went right into recording mine to sell as audio clips. I wanted my men to get a sense of who I really am, so they are candid and unedited. This was so much fun and the questions really got me thinking. I am looking forward to more collective goodies/games as it really helps create a sense of community.

I recorded my Answeres in 3 groups of ten. All together it’s about an hour of content since I go off on a few tangents. They are linked below, ready for purchase.

I hope you have as much fun listening as I did recording them.

Round 1: 

Round 2: 

Round 3: 

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