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So I had heard mention of this website before, but I really didn’t understand what is was all about. Finally tonight I got proactive and decided to find out more.

Basically, it’s like Facebook- but catering to people with fetishes/ in the adult industry. I thought “hey, that’s me!” so I went ahead and made an account.

I gotta say, I am glad I did. Sure there have been a few spammy type guys who clearly didn’t read what I was there for, but that is men everywhere.

I wished I had tapped into this resource sooner as it is a font of information and inspiration.

It’s a pretty cool site, and I definitely recommend checking it out! Especially if you are thinking about entering the adult entertainment industry profession.

One thought on “Fetlife

  1. Welcome to Fetlife! I’ve been there a long time — it’s generally a drama-free and understanding group there.

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