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Purple Jolly Ranchers

Searching the web for inspiration this lovely evening and I have stumbled upon an image that left me in awe.

Of course, I had to come right over and share with Y’all.

Now the image is of a woman encased in a super reflective latex body suit with a purple sheen to it. She LITERALLY looks like poured candy and it blew my mind.

Check it out:


SEE! Like a Jolly Rancher.This gorgeous piece of art was created by Reflective Desires. Here is their website:

I found this image here: and you can view it much greater detail.

The above image is not even doing it justice because I had to enlarge it. Go to the link, trust me.

Plus- dat ass.

Now I am not saying this is a new fetish for me, but I’m not not saying that either. I just know I want to look like poured hard candy.

If nothing else I definitely have a sweet tooth for latex now.

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