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Sex Life

A pretty frequent question I get is “Does Phone Sex effect your Sex Life.” I have been doing this for just long enough that I feel that I can answer that.

Yes. It does, but maybe not in the way you are thinking.

For one thing, it has raised my standards. Seriously. Like I have guys who pay me a per minute rate to get off, and they take the time to be polite, gracious and concerned for my pleasure. THEY ARE PAYING ME FOR AN ORGASM and they are a total gentleman.

So when Fuck Boi #1457 says “Hey. My dick is 9” and they send a pic of said penis, I get extra irritated. Like you self-entitled prick! I get paid to look at penis pictures, AND THEY ASK ME ABOUT MY DAY FIRST!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!

I am a lot stingier in my sexting or picture sharing as well, for the same reasons. Being a phone sex operator has spoiled me in a lot of ways.

Many guys seem to think that I will be great at sex because of my job. Like somehow having tons of fake sex will equal real life skills. I think I am pretty great at sex, but I wonder if this job sets expectations too high.

It has also taught me about my own sexuality, reinforced some ideas I already had but also made me realize I had my own hidden kinks too. I think this is one of the coolest things about Phone Sex.

I am always really open about my career choice and it doesn’t seem to impact my ability to date in any way. If any guy has a problem with it or thinks of me poorly because of it- he has been smart enough to not say anything about it.

I have had several guys mention they would love to play with me while I take calls. I think that would be very hot, but potentially really bad for business. It’s not my orgasm or my partner’s orgasm that is the goal, it’s my customers. He is paying for my attention and it seems a disservice to make him share. I can fuck on my own time. *Unless he wants to play with my partner, like give him instructions of what to do to me, then everyone wins!


And that is how Phone Sex has impacted My Sex Life!

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