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There is this great forum on NiteFlirt for the Flirts (that’s us phone sex providers) to talk about anything. I mean it. ANYTHING.

Most of the Flirts are genuine and helpful and it’s a pretty wonderful community all in all. Sure sometimes messages get mixed and panties get in a bunch. It’s the internet, with only words and no body language or inflection to temper them- feelings get hurt. That’s to be expected.

I want to address the most common advice that’s thrown out, literally daily, in the forums.

Block Him.

Cums in 3 minutes? Block him

Left 4 star instead of 5 star feedback? Block him

Called you a mean name? Block him

Asked you to lower your rate? Block him

Sneezed? BLOCK HIM!!!

Bitches. Calm yo’ tits. Please.

Blocking should not be done frivolously or without real cause. These callers are opening up to you about their fantasies, they are exposing themselves in very intimate and personal ways, and blocking them right away is a cruel rejection.


I am not saying you should go along with whatever the caller wants, I am not saying some guys don’t deserve to be blocked. I am saying have some empathy and compassion before burning that bridge.

Also, these callers add value beyond just how long they spend on the phone with you. I am not going to tell you it’s about *genuinely* cumming and just falling in love with every fantasy that comes your way. ( Side rant: I don’t believe anyone who says its not about the money for them. It is about the money or wouldn’t charge. I see you.) Just as it’s not all about really falling in love or really sharing the fantasy, it’s not about squeezing every. last. cent. out of that ONE interaction.

Balance my friends.

So what if a caller cums in 3 minutes? So what if he wants to email for 3 hours first? He is still a person, and he still deserves the same respect as the hour long caller. That guy may only spend 6 dollars on a call, but he leaves me 5-star feedback every time. He calls almost daily or at least several times a week. He gives me ideas and new fresh scenarios to try out with other callers. Hell, he may even recommend me to his buddies who also enjoy phone sex. Which long term, is value he is adding to my brand. Think big picture people.

In fact, before you block that “2-pump chump” send him my way. I’ll take care of him.


In regards to Feedback. THIS TRIGGERS ME.

So many girls say if ANY guy leaves feedback that’s less than 5-stars they block him.

That’s….. not how feedback works. It’s just not.

If your brand (aka you) can’t handle 1-4 star reviews and genuine constructive criticism then you will not be successful.

There are some assholes who try and use the feedback as a weapon against Flirts and will use it as another layer of their fantasy. Fuck those guys- block them and put them on the blacklist.

Don’t fuck with someone’s livelihood because you feel inadequate.

When it comes to feedback I try to remember this:

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

Ultimately I know that everyone is going to run their business how they want, I am just trying to preach a bit of restraint. Blocking should not be step one in conflict resolution. Just sayin’.

End Rant.



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