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I recently heard about this fantastic listing Flirts will create for their favorite customers. They keep it unpublished so only those given a direct link can call it and have access to the flirt for a lower rate than is offered on her public listings.

The criteria for being eligible for the VIP listing is usually spending a certain amount of money (1000$ was bandied about often) on the Flirt in a 30 day period.

I absolutely love this idea, of creating a special experience for the men I enjoy and invest me. I think I will take it a step further and that VIP membership gives them not only access to the exclusive line, but any new content would be sent to them first and at a discounted rate, and a surprise free goody would be sent regularly.

I think the trade off in giving these guys preferential treatment would be that I would limit how many could be in the VIP group. This isn’t a Costco Membership, this is only for the very best men. Maybe only like 5 members at a time, and they would need to meet certain criteria beyond just spending x amount of money.

I don’t think this would be something I would market either, again this isn’t Costco. Sending a mass email to everyone saying do this to be VIP cheapens the experience. If a caller happens to meet the criteria one month, he would get a congratulatory email informing him he qualified for this exclusive group this month and everything he could look forward too.  Once a VIP he could then ask about how to maintain his status.

Each month I would create a new link and deactivate the old, and just because you were VIP one month doesn’t mean you automatically qualify the next month.

Obviously, I still have some details to work out and I don’t think I will have this VIP ready to go anytime soon, but I am excited about the possibility of it in the future.

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