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We need to have a pow-wow.

Guys. Please for the love of all things sexy stop asking me to write to you about our roleplay.

Homework isn’t sexy. I know I look like a nerd, but I only play one on TV.

(ok, I really am a nerd, but that’s not the point!)

It doesn’t matter how sexy our call was, it doesn’t matter if I really masturbated to the thought of you and our play later on or not because as soon as you command “write me about it” my pussy shrivels up like a dried prune.

Not a sexy image huh? Now you know how I feel.

Suddenly recapping our time together feels like a chore, another To-Do, another box to check.

This is not conducive to sexy time writing.

Ultimately, you are in charge. If you want an email where I wax poetic about your amazing cock, I’ll do it. I will hate every fucking minute of it and I will charge you out the nose for it. It won’t be real or genuine, but I’ll fucking do it.

You can have a genuine and sincere experience or you can hire an actress.

Your choice Hoss.

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