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Let’s cut the crap

Seriously. Real talk guys.

You don’t *Really* care about my pleasure or my wants. This is about you, your fantasy, your ‘eyes-rolling back into your head’ orgasm.

Not mine, I am your co-pilot, the facilitator of dreams (which is my new Official Job Title, I am putting in on my tax returns), I am just along for the ride.

This is YOUR experience, as it should be.

You might be saying “But Olivia, I really want you to get off! It makes it so much better!!”

And this is true, I believe you, but it’s not the whole truth.

You don’t want me getting off for the sake of me getting off, but because it increases your pleasure. It’s still about you.

That is totally fine. Really, Really.

Phone Sex should be all about you, you deserve that. You deserve to have someone focus all of their energies on you.

You are a giver, every day all day. You can be a taker with me, you fucking earned it.

Don’t worry about what I like or what I want because at the end of the day what gets me the hottest, what gets me the wettest, what gives me that ‘eye-rolling into the back of my head so good’ orgasm is knowing how much YOU are enjoying yourself.

So let’s talk about what you want.

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