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Pleasure of doing Business

Told you I was business minded right now.

When the idea to do phone sex started I did so much research, and it sounded really positive. For a market I assumed had died with the advent of PornHub and the internet in general, it seemed to be doing pretty great.

Apparently, some women were making over 6 figures just doing phone sex. No cam or videos. Wow!

Then on the other end of the spectrum, there were girls who were lucky to make 70 bucks a week. OUCH!

Confident I could land somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, I jumped in.


Sure things started out great, I was a new girl and everyone wanted a sample. I won’t say business was booming, but it was looking like I could land in the middle of those two income extremes.

Fast forward to July and fuck me sideways. My numbers were waaaaaaaaaay down. A lot of other girls were hurting too, which was oddly comforting. It’s not just me.  I am not going to sugarcoat it, things are scary right now.

But I am not ready to give up. I ADORE phone sex. Despite the crushing fear and stress of failing, I still feel freer doing this than I ever had working for someone else. It helps me manage my depression and keeps me learning. So what do I do?

Mother Fuckin’ Research- that’s what.

I dug deep into my stats to see where I was weakest. At first, I thought it was converting guys who clicked onto my ad into customers. So I started researching copy-writing and marketing and upped my listing game. I did manage to increase my conversion rate by a few percentage points (check in the win column) but I was already converting 95% better than other girls on the site.


I am thinking it must be getting those guys to call me again. I thought my skills were up to snuff as I didn’t have the trouble other girls seemed to have in getting positive feedback quickly. Hell girls were despairing over the lack of feedback after a year or more on the site and here I was sitting pretty with all 5-star feedback after only a few months. But I wasn’t building regulars. I have a few to be sure, but a few just isn’t enough.

So how do I get more regulars? I have been avoiding providing the “Girlfriend Experience” or “GFE” like the plague because I am in fact a terrible girlfriend. Most of the time I am running on empty emotionally speaking, so how do I invest in someone emotionally when all I have left is fatigue and depression? Could I be a good enough actress to provide an amazing Girlfriend fantasy day after day? Unfortunately, I think the key to surviving lean times is having those strong and deep emotional connections with callers. Which isn’t a bad thing in of itself- as long as you aren’t drawing from an empty well….

so FUCK.

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