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Surprise and Delight

Once upon a time I worked at Chick-Fil-A, I went home each night smelling of waffle fries and despair. Riding the bus and then walking a mile home on school nights and weekends, I would think to myself this is the absolute worst and dream of better days. Confident that nothing of this experience would ever truly be worth remembering.

Except for my ass, all that walking did wonders for my ass, but that’s a story for another time.

Where was I going with this……

Fast forward to now.

I find myself thinking back to those days and how much time and effort my managers spent on training us on customer service. Drilling into our heads, then testing us on it, then drilling it deeper. To this day I still say “my pleasure” instead of “your welcome”. I was effectively brain washed by Chick-Fil-A.

One lesson that sticks out in my mind to this day is “Surprise and Delight”. How can you make your “guests”(because “customer” is too capitalist sounding), feel one of a kind and special? How can you “Wow” them. Slip them a coupon? Give that screaming child a friggin’ balloon? When I had been elevated to the position of “team lead” (’cause I was least douchey 17 year old), I had the ability to comp entire meals. Once I exercised this right for a woman who mentioned she just got back from a family members funeral. She cried and I felt like a hero and a dick all at once. (yes they were tears of joy, but still, who wants to make old ladies cry at all?) I became a pro at surprising and delighting fast food patrons.

So how can I surprise and delight my callers? First is “callers” too capitalist? Beau has that nice southern charm, what about paramour? Too pretentious? It’ll come. (Giggity)

It’s all digital, so hand written thank you notes are out (love them though). Sure I can throw free minutes around but everyone does that. I need something that goes above and beyond the typical phone sex experience. Back to the think tank.

*continues to hit head against brick wall that is digital customer service*

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