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What’s next

What can you look forward to from me in the near future?

  • More content. Videos, photo sets, and audio recordings. I have been holding back from lack of experience but its do or die. I won’t gain any experience by doing nothing.
  • Refinement of brand, thus better website layout and listings.
  • A Friggin’ schedule!!! I promise I will pick something consistent and stick with it.
  • Likely a price increase. I keep getting comments I am not charging my worth and I agree.
  • VIP listing
  • Bundles, such as purchase this video and those photos, get a special rate for one call so you can treat yo’ self
  • Blocks of time, book a block of time for a special rate. Still working on the logistics of this one, it will likely only be available to men who have established trust with me. I may require a deposit to reserve your time, that way I mitigate my risk a bit. Or not. still playing with it.
  • Custom Recordings

That’s what I have got in the pipes, tossing around a few more ideas and thinking through some logistics. These are things you can look forward to in August.

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