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This is one of those posts for the aspiring PSO, and will be categorized as such. (Fuck yeah, #organization)

Some of the guys that read my blog may think this is about them. It’s not. Well, at least not directly. This isn’t some passive aggressive dig. I promise.

Now let’s talk feedback.

Feedback is absolutely vital for a PSO. If you don’t have great feedback you aren’t getting calls. There are some sites where you can bid for certain choice placement on their site which makes feedback… not exactly moot but less important. And other sites rely 100% on your rating/feedback. That is on top of how great feedback boosts your brand in general and instills confidence in a prospective caller.

As a new PSO you may be thinking “Easily said not so easily done. I just spent 30 minutes with a guy and he said how great I was but never bothered to leave feedback. What gives?!”

Worry not young one. I shall guide you.

  1. Don’t discount those 2 minute callers just yet. They are 48%* more likely to leave feedback than the hour long caller. (*not a real statistic but it feels that way) I don’t know why, but I’ll take it. Not only are they more likely to leave feedback, they are more likely to leave feedback on every call. Please keep in mind I am speaking generally, so don’t hop over to my review list and think all of my feedback was made by 2 minute callers. A lot of it is, but not all. Also they are more likely to “tribute” or tip. Maybe it’s guilt that they spent 3 hours messaging you building up their fantasy, only to use the free minute you sent when they favorited you. A lot of girls block these guys right away, I don’t recommend that for the aforementioned reasons. Just don’t give them more free minutes.
  2. It’s not you, it’s him. No seriously. It is. A bolder PSO than I actually asked a few of her regulars why they never leave feedback. Clearly, they love calling her because they spend so much time with her. Their response? It breaks the fantasy. Yes, they know this is a fantasy you are providing, but to leave a review is so transactional. It is like a reality slap to the face. So don’t take it personally. (this is also why I am not mad if you don’t leave feedback, see not a passive aggressive dig. I get it.)
  3. It might be you though. Some guys have no problem hanging up if you aren’t vibing. Others don’t want to be rude and will go along with you for awhile. Crazy right? My tip for that guy: JUST HANG UP! Your a nice a guy, but if you ordered a well-done steak(bad life choice but whatever) and they bring you a rare, you send it back! Actually, you probably don’t, since you don’t hang up on a phone sex line when you aren’t enjoying yourself… My tip for the PSO: if you think this is happening to you then do some more research. Educate yourself more about the different fetishes you have encountered. Ultimately don’t obsess about it though. And remember,

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches. -Dita Von Teese

I should also address bad feedback. Some “doms” (I say that with much eye-rolling) try and play out their fantasy further by abusing the feedback by either threatening or actually leaving bad feedback. These jokers absolutely should be blocked, reported and blacklisted. It is extra stupid on these guys’ parts because not many girls are willing to play at his level in the first place.

Sometimes you will get genuine bad feedback that has absolutely everything to do with your performance. Take it to heart, don’t let it ruin your day, but take it seriously. Some girls will immediately block that guy. I don’t know why clearly he isn’t interested in calling again, but you do you boo-boo.(they will also block anything less than 5 stars… again you do you) I am all about constructive criticism. I also see it as not only an opportunity to evaluate myself but it makes it more likely I’ll get more callers who will enjoy my particular flavor. For example:

BestSub69: “She is such a mean Mistress! She laughed at my tiny penis and was a total bitch! DO NOT CALL!!!”

TinyPenis3 is going to read that and say “I NEED to call her NOW.” and likely there will be other subs who read that and think oh, not for me. And that is a good thing. If someone doesn’t like peaches you don’t want them to try your peaches in the first place because they will leave a bad review about how they hate peaches.

Also if you do get bad feedback, many guys will call to see why! Especially if they have called you before.

Maybe the idiom “There is no such thing as bad publicity” has some truth to it.

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