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Splenda Daddies

Splenda Daddy:
A man who strives to be a Sugar Daddy but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.
She was all excited that she had finally landed a Sugar Daddy until he rolled up in his Accord. It was then she realized she had landed a Splenda Daddy, instead.
Thank you, Urban Dictionary.
You are going to want to set up some sort of wish list, or way to receive gifts from callers. At first, I was hesitant to do so, I thought it lacked class or seemed greedy to have your Amazon wish list linked to your profile page. Then I got several requests from my callers to get one. They wanted to spoil me. It was part of their fetish. Oh. Well in that case….
So I linked my Amazon wishlist and went on my merry way. (Worried about your security? I contacted Amazon and asked if they shared my address with the buyers from my wish list- they don’t. To be extra safe, only put Prime items on your wishlist, then your address isn’t sent to the sellers either. It stays with Amazon. You can also use a friend or relatives address for extra security, or best use a P.O. Box in the next high population city over) Yes, PSOs are a paranoid bunch. Apparently, some men think that consent given in fantasy or a shared kink equals consent IRL. It doesn’t BTW.
I easily accepted the addition of this desire to spoil, maybe because I didn’t think of it as a sexual desire per se and more of just a nice guy thanking me.
So I was wholly unprepared for the Splenda daddy twist.
This is on me, I got uppity and thought “Oh, I know this guys fetish. I got it on lock.” but I didn’t account for the fact that people have layers, and are unique. Even if they fit into your idea of a typical Cuck fetish, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is.
So I set myself up for disappointment. There have been quite a few guys who have promised to buy things from my wish lists or send x amount in tributes*, and of course, I never received them. I couldn’t figure out why these guys would lie to me. It’s not like they had to compete for my attention or actually work for it other than paying my fee. Then I had some knowledge dropped on me, it’s just another fetish. These guys want to spoil me, but don’t have the funds. Oh, that I can work with. (*please note, I don’t demand or expect tributes unless you are a sub, and even then I don’t bring it up first.)
Some just get lost in the heat of the moment promise and things they don’t mean. Like guys do.
Some do think they need to get me to actually like them, and if they make the right promise I will. (They do not seem to realize that breaking that promise will only make me dislike them very much)
This is one of those gray areas that make it really hard to determine what is reality and what is fantasy.
Our best bet is just to assume it’s part of their fantasy and play along. Never get excited about it though.
Some girls (and guys) are cock masters and have their caller make good on their promise before they cum. This is where you demand e-gift cards, that way they can’t turn around and cancel the order after they cum. (Oh yeah- guys do this too. Especially those “fin dom” guys calling your cheapest listing.) I don’t have this cock mastery, maybe I am not dominant enough to control the call in that way, so I am stuck with empty promises.
To me Sugar Daddies are Doms and guys into Financial Domination are Subs, both are men who are after the financial twist but have a different headspace in their approach. Sugar Daddies are using money to “control” you (they often have demands and expectations that go along with your allowance) and Fin Doms are using money to give you more tangible control over their lives. (This is how I differentiate the two, and I am sure there are sexually submissive SDs and dominate Fin Doms, but those would be the exception).
So just like you get Splenda Daddies you will get guys with the Fin Dom itch but no real means to experience the fetish. To me, that is kind of what phone sex is for. You get to pretend at whatever your fetish is.
Now, there are also the time wasters. These guys will message you all day and never call. Or they will call, briefly, and demand you give them free things like pics, minutes or your real telephone number. These guys are easy to spot and ignore or block. Your choice.
Then there are guys who are a bit trickier, they say send me x free minutes and I will spend 2 hours talking to you, or similar promises. They won’t. These guys are Salt Daddies and all around dicks. I promise, if they can afford 2 hours then they will call despite free minutes. You may think, hey that sounds reasonable and like good business. Everyone loves a free sample! Bitch. You are NOT cheese on a cracker. Be stingy with your free attention. Only give it to guys who earned it. Treat it like dating, you wouldn’t give it up on the first date, so don’t give away free phone sex right away!
Ok, maybe you would have sex on the first date, no judgments, but you get my point. Make a brotha’ work for it.
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