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Bitch You Crazy

I am 87% sure I am a succubus or some sort of sexual vampire.

It sounds crazy I know. I have had too many experiences that solidify the fact that I can manipulate sexual energy to my benefit. Maybe I am not a succubus, but I haven’t found a more appropriate term for myself. So here we are.

I have tried to bury it and ignore it for too long, and so now I have decided to embrace it and use it as a tool. I don’t want to hurt people anymore so I have to learn to control it.

I am sure your curious as to why I think I may be a succubus and want more detail than this post can provide. This is one of those things if you want to know more about you need to just call me.

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What’s next

What can you look forward to from me in the near future?

  • More content. Videos, photo sets, and audio recordings. I have been holding back from lack of experience but its do or die. I won’t gain any experience by doing nothing.
  • Refinement of brand, thus better website layout and listings.
  • A Friggin’ schedule!!! I promise I will pick something consistent and stick with it.
  • Likely a price increase. I keep getting comments I am not charging my worth and I agree.
  • VIP listing
  • Bundles, such as purchase this video and those photos, get a special rate for one call so you can treat yo’ self
  • Blocks of time, book a block of time for a special rate. Still working on the logistics of this one, it will likely only be available to men who have established trust with me. I may require a deposit to reserve your time, that way I mitigate my risk a bit. Or not. still playing with it.
  • Custom Recordings

That’s what I have got in the pipes, tossing around a few more ideas and thinking through some logistics. These are things you can look forward to in August.

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Surprise and Delight

Once upon a time I worked at Chick-Fil-A, I went home each night smelling of waffle fries and despair. Riding the bus and then walking a mile home on school nights and weekends, I would think to myself this is the absolute worst and dream of better days. Confident that nothing of this experience would ever truly be worth remembering.

Except for my ass, all that walking did wonders for my ass, but that’s a story for another time.

Where was I going with this……

Fast forward to now.

I find myself thinking back to those days and how much time and effort my managers spent on training us on customer service. Drilling into our heads, then testing us on it, then drilling it deeper. To this day I still say “my pleasure” instead of “your welcome”. I was effectively brain washed by Chick-Fil-A.

One lesson that sticks out in my mind to this day is “Surprise and Delight”. How can you make your “guests”(because “customer” is too capitalist sounding), feel one of a kind and special? How can you “Wow” them. Slip them a coupon? Give that screaming child a friggin’ balloon? When I had been elevated to the position of “team lead” (’cause I was least douchey 17 year old), I had the ability to comp entire meals. Once I exercised this right for a woman who mentioned she just got back from a family members funeral. She cried and I felt like a hero and a dick all at once. (yes they were tears of joy, but still, who wants to make old ladies cry at all?) I became a pro at surprising and delighting fast food patrons.

So how can I surprise and delight my callers? First is “callers” too capitalist? Beau has that nice southern charm, what about paramour? Too pretentious? It’ll come. (Giggity)

It’s all digital, so hand written thank you notes are out (love them though). Sure I can throw free minutes around but everyone does that. I need something that goes above and beyond the typical phone sex experience. Back to the think tank.

*continues to hit head against brick wall that is digital customer service*

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Pleasure of doing Business

Told you I was business minded right now.

When the idea to do phone sex started I did so much research, and it sounded really positive. For a market I assumed had died with the advent of PornHub and the internet in general, it seemed to be doing pretty great.

Apparently, some women were making over 6 figures just doing phone sex. No cam or videos. Wow!

Then on the other end of the spectrum, there were girls who were lucky to make 70 bucks a week. OUCH!

Confident I could land somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, I jumped in.


Sure things started out great, I was a new girl and everyone wanted a sample. I won’t say business was booming, but it was looking like I could land in the middle of those two income extremes.

Fast forward to July and fuck me sideways. My numbers were waaaaaaaaaay down. A lot of other girls were hurting too, which was oddly comforting. It’s not just me.  I am not going to sugarcoat it, things are scary right now.

But I am not ready to give up. I ADORE phone sex. Despite the crushing fear and stress of failing, I still feel freer doing this than I ever had working for someone else. It helps me manage my depression and keeps me learning. So what do I do?

Mother Fuckin’ Research- that’s what.

I dug deep into my stats to see where I was weakest. At first, I thought it was converting guys who clicked onto my ad into customers. So I started researching copy-writing and marketing and upped my listing game. I did manage to increase my conversion rate by a few percentage points (check in the win column) but I was already converting 95% better than other girls on the site.


I am thinking it must be getting those guys to call me again. I thought my skills were up to snuff as I didn’t have the trouble other girls seemed to have in getting positive feedback quickly. Hell girls were despairing over the lack of feedback after a year or more on the site and here I was sitting pretty with all 5-star feedback after only a few months. But I wasn’t building regulars. I have a few to be sure, but a few just isn’t enough.

So how do I get more regulars? I have been avoiding providing the “Girlfriend Experience” or “GFE” like the plague because I am in fact a terrible girlfriend. Most of the time I am running on empty emotionally speaking, so how do I invest in someone emotionally when all I have left is fatigue and depression? Could I be a good enough actress to provide an amazing Girlfriend fantasy day after day? Unfortunately, I think the key to surviving lean times is having those strong and deep emotional connections with callers. Which isn’t a bad thing in of itself- as long as you aren’t drawing from an empty well….

so FUCK.

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Finding my voice

If you haven’t noticed the tone of this blog is a-changing. Initially, I started this blog because A) it seemed like that’s just what you did and B) a resource for aspiring PSOs to hear another voice, a real voice that isn’t all about selling you on phone sex.

Initially, I started this blog because A) it seemed like that’s just what you did and B) a resource for aspiring PSOs to hear another voice, a real voice that isn’t all about selling you on phone sex.

Mostly I didn’t think anyone would be reading this posts, so I just sort of word vomited whatever popped into my head and went on my merry way.

Then, people actually started to read this and respond to it. *gulp*

But, it wasn’t aspiring PSOs. It was the callers themselves. Double *gulp*

I had to decide if this would change the way I wrote, should everything be processed through the lens of Olivia the character? Or keep telling it as Olivia the person?

Ultimately I decided I didn’t want to create another place for me to be “on” so to speak, I wanted a place to keep speaking my truth. This means I am probably going to offend some people and may even lose some business. This also means that those that stick around will likely resonate with my truth, we will have better chemistry on the phone and that means A LOT more fun for the both of us.

The bulk of my posts will likely be talking to my callers or potential callers, but I will throw in some stuff for the aspiring PSO as well in case she pops in. I am hyper focused on the business side of things right now, so my posts will likely reflect that for awhile. Word vomit shall abound as I find just writing stuff out helps me crystallize and refine ideas.

Evolving my voice is just another step in my Grand Phone Sex Adventure.

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“If it ain’t broke…..”

There is only one way I cum.

Apply vibrator directly to clit, lay back and think of anything but England.

That’s it. I don’t know any other way to cum because…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

For me when I orgasm is sort of feels like my pussy is vomiting. I am dead serious. Imagine a hiccup, that involuntary contraction of your lungs and diaphragm.

It’s like that, but ya’ know, inside my Pikachu.

Sometimes it can be powerful but 99.9% of the time it’s subtle. Like if I blink I might miss it.

I know I was disappointed too, it’s so…. anti-climatic. I blame every Romance Novel in the history of ever. I even blame the French, where is my la petite mort?

This means if we are on the phone, I am probably not actually “cumming”.


That doesn’t mean I am not satisfied. Pikachu seizure slight chill (like when someone walks over your grave) aside, I can still be sated.

In fact, have felt more sexually satiated with out an orgasm than with more often than not. That’s because sex is just as much about my partners’ pleasure as it is mine.

The feeling of a cock stiffening inside me just before he cums = so delicious. It definitely lives up to the Romance Novel hype.

Hearing your spine bow and toes curl through the phone as your orgasm wracks your body, is sooooo much better. I’ll take it over a Pikachu stutter any day.

If orgasms were like they are in Romance Novels I probably would be cumming with you.

Now, I do sometimes feel an urgent need to orgasm, it’s more like too much sexual energy pent up in my body and I need to let it out, and it feels very clinical and all business.

The best part of my orgasms? Everything else leading up to them. 

So if we are playing, and I am screaming my pleasure, I REALLY am experiencing intense pleasure and satisfaction. My “orgasm” just wasn’t invited to the party.

So, please stop worrying about it and let’s focus on you.

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We need to have a pow-wow.

Guys. Please for the love of all things sexy stop asking me to write to you about our roleplay.

Homework isn’t sexy. I know I look like a nerd, but I only play one on TV.

(ok, I really am a nerd, but that’s not the point!)

It doesn’t matter how sexy our call was, it doesn’t matter if I really masturbated to the thought of you and our play later on or not because as soon as you command “write me about it” my pussy shrivels up like a dried prune.

Not a sexy image huh? Now you know how I feel.

Suddenly recapping our time together feels like a chore, another To-Do, another box to check.

This is not conducive to sexy time writing.

Ultimately, you are in charge. If you want an email where I wax poetic about your amazing cock, I’ll do it. I will hate every fucking minute of it and I will charge you out the nose for it. It won’t be real or genuine, but I’ll fucking do it.

You can have a genuine and sincere experience or you can hire an actress.

Your choice Hoss.

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Let’s cut the crap

Seriously. Real talk guys.

You don’t *Really* care about my pleasure or my wants. This is about you, your fantasy, your ‘eyes-rolling back into your head’ orgasm.

Not mine, I am your co-pilot, the facilitator of dreams (which is my new Official Job Title, I am putting in on my tax returns), I am just along for the ride.

This is YOUR experience, as it should be.

You might be saying “But Olivia, I really want you to get off! It makes it so much better!!”

And this is true, I believe you, but it’s not the whole truth.

You don’t want me getting off for the sake of me getting off, but because it increases your pleasure. It’s still about you.

That is totally fine. Really, Really.

Phone Sex should be all about you, you deserve that. You deserve to have someone focus all of their energies on you.

You are a giver, every day all day. You can be a taker with me, you fucking earned it.

Don’t worry about what I like or what I want because at the end of the day what gets me the hottest, what gets me the wettest, what gives me that ‘eye-rolling into the back of my head so good’ orgasm is knowing how much YOU are enjoying yourself.

So let’s talk about what you want.

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There is this great forum on NiteFlirt for the Flirts (that’s us phone sex providers) to talk about anything. I mean it. ANYTHING.

Most of the Flirts are genuine and helpful and it’s a pretty wonderful community all in all. Sure sometimes messages get mixed and panties get in a bunch. It’s the internet, with only words and no body language or inflection to temper them- feelings get hurt. That’s to be expected.

I want to address the most common advice that’s thrown out, literally daily, in the forums.

Block Him.

Cums in 3 minutes? Block him

Left 4 star instead of 5 star feedback? Block him

Called you a mean name? Block him

Asked you to lower your rate? Block him

Sneezed? BLOCK HIM!!!

Bitches. Calm yo’ tits. Please.

Blocking should not be done frivolously or without real cause. These callers are opening up to you about their fantasies, they are exposing themselves in very intimate and personal ways, and blocking them right away is a cruel rejection.


I am not saying you should go along with whatever the caller wants, I am not saying some guys don’t deserve to be blocked. I am saying have some empathy and compassion before burning that bridge.

Also, these callers add value beyond just how long they spend on the phone with you. I am not going to tell you it’s about *genuinely* cumming and just falling in love with every fantasy that comes your way. ( Side rant: I don’t believe anyone who says its not about the money for them. It is about the money or wouldn’t charge. I see you.) Just as it’s not all about really falling in love or really sharing the fantasy, it’s not about squeezing every. last. cent. out of that ONE interaction.

Balance my friends.

So what if a caller cums in 3 minutes? So what if he wants to email for 3 hours first? He is still a person, and he still deserves the same respect as the hour long caller. That guy may only spend 6 dollars on a call, but he leaves me 5-star feedback every time. He calls almost daily or at least several times a week. He gives me ideas and new fresh scenarios to try out with other callers. Hell, he may even recommend me to his buddies who also enjoy phone sex. Which long term, is value he is adding to my brand. Think big picture people.

In fact, before you block that “2-pump chump” send him my way. I’ll take care of him.


In regards to Feedback. THIS TRIGGERS ME.

So many girls say if ANY guy leaves feedback that’s less than 5-stars they block him.

That’s….. not how feedback works. It’s just not.

If your brand (aka you) can’t handle 1-4 star reviews and genuine constructive criticism then you will not be successful.

There are some assholes who try and use the feedback as a weapon against Flirts and will use it as another layer of their fantasy. Fuck those guys- block them and put them on the blacklist.

Don’t fuck with someone’s livelihood because you feel inadequate.

When it comes to feedback I try to remember this:

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

Ultimately I know that everyone is going to run their business how they want, I am just trying to preach a bit of restraint. Blocking should not be step one in conflict resolution. Just sayin’.

End Rant.



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Porn is something that comes up quite often in my line of work. Everyone wants to know what videos I watch and some even send me links to watch with them.

The trouble is, I hate porn. I am sure if I wanted to spend HOURS searching through videos I would find something I did like, but from what I have seen the majority is not too my liking. In fact, many videos make me gag. It’s not just the dark taboo fetish stuff that is making me gag, it’s the front page general everyman porn videos that make me sick.

My theory on this is I am of the mind sex should feel good, I want to feel good but in these videos, I automatically put myself in the place of these women, and what they are doing does not feel good. I don’t want my face to slapped with a dick- I mean does that even feel good to the male? I don’t want to choke on a cock until tears run down my face and I vomit. No thank you. Most porn I find very difficult to watch.

Which causes some problems. I have guys ask me to go find a video I like and send them the link. At first, I thought easy-peasy, this guy likes BDSM heavy on the sadistic, I will just pick a random one. Not so fast, I actually have to watch the video and be able to comment on it. I also try and be as honest and real as possible in my interactions. I may not share your fetish, but I get turned on by the fact you are turned on and I want to at least understand your perspective. So I have to try and find a video in your fetish, that I can stomach and pretend to like. Not so easy.

It’s very different on the phone when we are playing I get caught up in the moment and it is very erotic for me in general. If I am watching porn, it’s just me, alone, being disgusted.

If I am going to watch porn, I prefer the caller send me a link of what he likes and we watch it together. I find it much more palatable as I am sharing in your enjoyment. Using your pleasure like a safety blanket.

Part of me wishes I could watch more of it as it can be such a great tool. I found one series I did like by Divine Bitches- its Female Dominatrixes. I could watch it because the women weren’t being abused it was the men. So when I put myself in their places I was in the power position. These videos helped me a lot with developing my Domina Phone Sex Queen aspect. Alas, when I attempted other types of fetishes where women were in the bottom position I was back to gagging.

Now that is just my personal feelings towards porn. Big picture I don’t have a problem with the idea of porn, hell I would consider making my own videos. I doubt that will happen because I wouldn’t do something because it looked good on camera, I would only do what feels good and that would appeal only to a niche group.

I think this is a topic we will revisit again as I am fascinated by porn and its effects on society and our culture as a whole.